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Marek Sotak
06 Jun, 13:57
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Not even two weeks since the very first monthly plan subscriber, we have now first annual plan subscriber! 🔥

And to test the waters before an official launch, I have posted Kairo to r/SideProject

Brslv - profile photo
Borislav Grigorov
06 Jun, 16:12

Big news, Marek! Congrats! Here's to many more 🍻

sotak - profile photo
Marek Sotak
06 Jun, 19:00

Thank you Borislav! :) Also, so far getting good feedback on that reddit sub.

SparelHQ - profile photo
Shayne K
08 Jun, 04:38

I love this - it has so much personality

sotak - profile photo
Marek Sotak
08 Jun, 07:35

Thank you Shayne, that is my goal. :)

TakRutvik - profile photo
Rutvik tak 💙
08 Jun, 12:51

This is great! As shayne said,it has it's own personality and i too liked that about kairo.