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Why I built Haptic?

The idea is simple

Borislav Grigorov

Hey, there! 👋

I'm Borislav — full-stack developer, part time indie maker.

Let me tell you about Haptic 👉

The problem

When I started to #BuildInPublic, I quickly realized that the general process is a mess.

I was using countless platforms to share my ups, downs and learnings. The content creation tools were limited and sometimes constraining.

On top of that my posts were living in context of other personal sharings, unrelated to my #BuildInPublic journey.

I was unable to create tractable, coherent story around the product itself. Everything was swallowed in feeds and lost in the void.

The solution

Haptic aims to streamline the process. It provides a set of content creation tools which help you narrate a coherent story.

Think of Haptic as your product's public diary.

Having it all in one place makes it easier for your audience to engage and enjoy the ride with you.

The essence

How it works

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Step 1

Create your product page

It takes 5 seconds.

You'll get a unique slug for your product page on{your-slug}.

This is your public url.

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Step 2

Build rich narratives

You have various tools at your disposal to share your jorney with the crowd.

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Step 3

Collect products, show some ❤️

Make a collection of products that you love, built by fellow makers on haptic.

Boost your most favorite ones to show its creators that you care.

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There's more

The details

Haptic aims to streamline your #BuildInPublic experience.

Here's how:

  • Build in the open

    Be the inspiration for the fellow makers.

  • Make collections

    Found a story worth following? Add it to your collection.

  • Boosts

    Show some love - boost your favorite products.

  • Quick updates

    Just share your thoughts. No stress.

  • Tools

    Brag about your stack!

  • Markdown support

    Because WYSIWYG is not always what you get.

  • Soon

    Long-form content

    Dive into the details.

  • Soon

    (Haptic) Feedback

    You're not sure about your logo? You need to decide on the next feature? Just ask your crowd!

  • Soon


    Share your milestones.

  • Soon


    Get specific on how your ideas will come to reality.

  • Soon

    Browse products

    Browse products built publicly on Haptic. Find amazing stories. Get inspired.

  • Soon


    Let the compounding effect do it's magic. You just have to show up.

  • Soon


    Let's play the game. 🚀

Popular usecases

Who is Haptic built for

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For the problem-solvers, who create reusable solutions.

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For those, who tame the words for us.

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For all of us, who master the chaos of knowledge.

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For the people, who deliver elegant usability.

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For the creative ones, who can deeply touch our souls.

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For You and your story. Whoever you are. Whatever your story.

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