The #BuildInPublic toolkit for your next big thing.

Tap into the wisdom of the crowd with Haptic. Build, test and learn in public. Get feedback from your audience and grow beyond their expectations.

Zero friction

Haptic.so eliminates the hassle and time investment of building your own build-in-public medium, allowing you to focus on what’s most important - the process of making.

(Haptic) Feedback

Expose your product. Share your journey by finding early adopters and gathering valuable feedback to make your final creation amazing.

Build your story

Good stories always catch people’s attention. Haptic enables you to build your own product story, share it with your audience and let the makers community support you in growing your startup.


Haptic is your Single Source Of Truth when it comes to your product evolution. It's all neatly organized, under the haptic.so/( your-product-name ) url.

By creator for creators

Haptic is a result of me, struggling to streamline my build in public process. I wanted to fix it. So, here I go.

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Crafted by me.